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Oscar Bimpong

Executive Member, ELDERS Consult, Coach, Author & CEO ofTrain2Inspire Consultancy.

Oscar is the go-to person when it comes to mindset transformation. He has 14 years of
experience in setting the minds of people and organizations on autopilot with a winning
mentality. He has over the years helped countless individuals, groups and the corporate world,
harness the power of the mind to their advantage.

  • His book, titled, Mindset Revolution: Re-engineering your Mind from Prison to Purpose has
    impacted organizations and lives across the globe. The book is about your ability to harness the
    creative power of your thoughts and words, unleashing the power of the mind and how you can
    use it to your advantage, the programming of the mind and its adverse effects, and how to be a
    slave to a winning mentality etc.

    The core mandate of the book is to disrupt your thought patterns from negative to a positive
    mental attitude and make you believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. It also

    empowers staff of organizations to have the right mindset aligned to the vision, mission and core
    values of the organization they work for.

    Through the Mindset Revolution Coaching Academy (MRCA), he has coached countless
    individuals, from middle to senior managers, to CEOs and Corporate executives by disrupting
    their mind patterns that lead to different results. That is to deprogrammer a programmed mind to
    drive it on the pattern of a winning mentality.

    Oscar has designed three main programs based on his Mindset Revolution book. The first one is
    a motivational session, the second is the training program for corporate organizations and lastly
    the mindset coaching in helping people break mental barriers to step into new territories leading
    to different results. This is done via the Mindset Revolution Coaching Academy (MRCA).

    Oscar apart from being an author and a corporate trainer is BBC trained in Radio operations and
    media works for his contribution to community radio and education in the UK. He has won
    several awards in the UK for works on mindset transformation and empowerment for the youth
    and the corporate world. He currently does a lot of work in mindset transformation in Africa,
    especially in Ghana.

    Author and CEO of Train2Inspire Consultancy

    Website: https://www.train2inspire.com
    Email: info@train2inspire.com
    Call/WhatsApp: +2330555803924