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H.E Prof. Dr. Alisa Whyte

Executive Member | Founder, President, and CEO of Fulfillment Empowerment Network

H.E Ambassador Pro. Dr. Alisa Schultz Whyte is the dynamic, trailblazing Founder, President, and CEO of Fulfillment Empowerment Network and the Vice President of Save the Girl Child Advocacy, Africa. Dr. Alisa is a multi-award winning, international bestselling author, a Transformational Leadership and Master Mindset Coach, an International Motivational Speaker and trainer.

  Dr. Alisa describes herself as a passionate, multiethnic, empowered leading lady of peace, love, and light. Recently Dr. Alisa was awarded the coveted global woman of choice award for peak performance in business and leadership. In addition, Dr. Alisa won another global award in the USA with the title businesswoman of the year 2021. Dr. Alisa has also been listed as one of the most influential African American Businesswomen you should follow on LinkedIn.

While Dr Alisa is streamlining and growing her business in the USA; Dr. Alisa works as an avid global philanthropist, humanitarian and a global business leader providing advice, leadership, and consultation to NGOs in India, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Dubai, and other countries. Alisa has led advanced training and workshops in leadership and Entrepreneurship to youths in Africa while collaborating to establish school buildings and educational resources for students from kindergarten through elementary. In the USA where Dr. Alisa resides, she has launched her online academy (FEN Academy) and continues to grow her business services in Arizona, in the USA, and around the world.

Dr. Alisa Whyte is passionate about compassionate servant leadership and helping individuals live authentically in their purpose. 

Dr. Alisa’s personal mission is to help individuals overcome self-limiting beliefs, discover their purpose, improve their relationships, and lead a life of fulfillment. Dr. Whyte says that at the core of her work, she aims to inspire women and young girls, to transform their lives by healing from past, hurts, renew their mindsets, and lead in their personal and professional lives.